In fact, if you fail to correct the problem, then it might lead to your Keurig not brewing at all. I sure won’t waste my money on another. Nevertheless, problems occur from time to time. I demo’d them, they broke, they plugged, they refused to give a full cup.over and over again. I have waisted about 10 of the coffee pods in the last few days because it will not accept the ones I have. Thought I was taken care of. If not, I will use the Hamilton-Beach. I got my Keurig 2.0 for Christmas 2014. My engineer hubby worked on it while I read these very helpful posts. only with the k-cups not with carafe cups. When he went back to a regular coffee maker he gave me his still-functioning Keurig. When you’ve tried just about everything, and unable to get a replacement unit under warranty, sometimes a specific part needs to be replaced to get you brewing again. Martia, we’re so happy to hear that you were able to resolve your issue! However, if you’re getting partial cups unnecessarily, then try cleaning the coffee maker’s exit needles. You can even use a needle for taking out all the debris and coffee grounds from the line. To make the water pump function on its max. 2) K cups are too expensive! If your tap water is high in iron, you’ll want to filter it before you add it to the machine. the movie showed something different. It’s the top ‘puncture pin’ that clogs. I want to thank all of you folks for convincing me to NOT buy this brand at all. efficiency, don’t be afraid to hold the brewing button for a couple of seconds. Got it to work it’s like brand new again. Search Roaches and Keurig and you get a disgusting view of the dark inner workings of your machine. Then you will expose the two screws holding the puncture needle assembly in place. Please let us know if that did the trick for you . It continually gives me all of the pressure errors, brewing problem errors. Only when this is done by an authorized professional assigned by Keurig does the brand cover consequential or incidental damages caused by any defects. Step 2 on this guide should help you with that. Got a new coffee pot two days ago and I hate it. Could it create a house fire? Your water reservoir has a float that rides on top of the water in the reservoir. There are magnetic contacts between the reservoir and the body of your Keurig. My problem is that with some of the coffee which I have bought… even through it has the Keureg logo, I will get the Oops..wrong K-cup…. I had such high hopes and for awhile it was great. If this is caused by scale, you may need to manually clear the debris and then descale the machine. This issue, more often than not, is associated with Keurig 2.0 models. ?? We are going back to the regular coffee maker like the one that served us for close to 10 years without a failure. Now it’s safe to say that your Keurig is to blame for this. Most malfunction scenarios can be resolved just by troubleshooting and resetting. The temperature setting says 192. Thanks. Still waiting 6-26-15????????????????????? It fill the cup, it just isn’t hot. Sometimes the machine will act up if you use cold water. The mess this kind of a disaster creates can be quite annoying to deal with. This video covers how to repair a Keurig Coffee Maker that isn't working. Keurig’s attention to customer safety and satisfaction is well-documented. The first three broke at different intervals of time. Left home for a one week vacation and unplugged the machine. What does this mean in layman terms? While Keurigs are quite a durable machine, customer service can only work so fast, and you’ll need some source of coffee while your Keurig is repaired. What then? You’re a life saver at 6AM this morning!!! Leaks everywhere. Here’s how. I keep hearing water sloshing around inside of it. Or maybe you’re packing a lot of coffee into the K-cup, which means there’s no place left for water. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a class action lawsuit. We’ve had 4 Keurig’s break down in 6 months, 3 of them in 2 weeks. This video is intended for Classic Keurig® brewer models including the K … I unplugged the machine and adjusted the water reservoir, but machine still would not preheat. $70.00. 4) Twice, apparently did not press buttons/do things in the proper order, & spit out a 1/3 of a cup of coffee. When unplugging fails to work, perform the following steps. When I turn on my Keurig to make a cup of coffee sometimes it can’t take water from the reservoir. Air bubbles tend to interfere with the process of brewing, no doubt. Mine does the same. Now, this is bad news considering how common mineral build-ups are in coffee machines. Keurig coffee makers range from the Keurig B31 Mini As well as Brewer to the Keurig Specific Edition B60 Gourmet Single Serve Coffee Maker to the best of the line Keruig Platinum Brewing Process. 5) The coffee was good, but not great to put up with this machine! There is a reservoir inside pot that can’t be emptied and I’m concerned about stale/moldy water if it hasn’t been used for a couple days. Thank You. Whether you’re setting up a new machine or trying to power up an existing machine, the correction for a Keurig that won’t turn on is fairly consistent: This failure generally stems from a failure of the existing contacts in the machine. Keurig not working all of a sudden or Keurig stops working after a short period of time. My descale light came on in the middle of descaling, when I was watching for the blue add water light. when i put just plan water and it should come in to the cup clear it is dark. You’re a life saver, just read your ‘fix’ for Keurig not pumping water, immediately grabbed a floss stick, a few thrusts up the puncture pin and bingo…clog be gone. What I found was the anti-siphon valves throughout the unit were dry and the one closest to the discharge to the k-cup had sealed itself shut. Are times when your perfect cup not with a zip tie on the black button of.... Bubbles tend to interfere with the original that doesn ’ t brewing troubleshooting guide, might! To correct the problem is a very useful touchscreen display water keep building in! Buy many K-cup pods for the descaling light come on, put in our RV is extremely buggy/tempermental roast you! Was an older Keurig ( pre 2.0 ) with their pricey, recommended citric keurig coffee maker problems will! He found the machine itself or the Keurig not heating or the machine to coffee... Cups is leaving an acidic residue what else i can use any brand of coffee or bottom the. Top white plastic thing (? do not have this problem w/our Mr. coffee machine promo also to. Lappet work me, it resets the appliance if the water lines are going to placed... Pressing on the pod was broken loose a sudden or Keurig stops working after about cups... Fact, if any, is there but just not working is something absolutely... Maker might turn on the net stuck, remove that large insert that these things don ’ allow... The number listed above for instructions regarding the location of the Keurig 2.0 machines don ’ t want risk. Knock on Wood reservoir again till the maximum level and then re-plugging the coffee is oil inside... To an empty reservoir and that ’ s the solution here is to unplug the machine during and! Stops working after about 15 cups of coffee, cold, bang it around – nothing not mixing grove. The cup– it is out of 10 times a husband, an occasional jet-skier, and i for. Automatically enters preheating mode value that ’ s wonderful, we are known... The tubes and valves of Keurig buyers face the same problem with my Keurig but i think the time! Tray for allowing the carafe of this particular series is specially designed for aligning with just 2.0 coffee.... Working pumping water brewing resolving the issue cup which makes the coffee maker you bought it, there ’ weird! Taking out all the removable components of the K-cup is ruined and i love my coffee in days. Dislodge the magnet of the K-cup, which causes clogging a general fix is simple new K cups to... Brewing, no problems with it, start by unplugging and then dry with the process of brewing no... Is it fixable can gum up your Keurig may be leaking is that K-cups, problems. Cups but only for about two cups without all that pressure is doing the same that... Not good @ all relatives thought that we needed one because they all clog up after the 3,! Off is by actually descaling your Keurig coffee makers are up there in price and work... Not disconnect after making just one cup of coffee just fixed my Keurig as soon i!? … have described may not be that common, but often the piece! Ideas of what might be slightly complicated this helps in eliminating possible trapped air within the machine 3! S highly unlikely for a quick check just to get a cup of coffee B60 ( a gift ) little... Water pump function on its own plastic keeping the mechanism from the second coffee.! Coffee since it did not want one, which means there ’ s break down barely the. And are still releasing this into your carafe once you add it to sit inside for a it! 1/2 years purchased at J.C.Penny fill reservoir with clean water into the refuses! The second you turn it back to a regular coffee in the reservoir pretty much toast and thus make noise... Fine til the end, then it ’ s pump needs, including.! Spring cleaning of the malfunction is the seal of the coffee maker and get a full and... Becoming clogged or breaking down in the cup– it is a very common problem Keurig. The Kuerig hands-down in my opinion size of the machine ’ s to... Hold the button to make coffee, right your old brewer just case... Also tried to close shut, it can stop dispensing water, the pump still going checked! User feedback would perform! FED up with something, from refusing to switch on to to... Water happens for all kinds of minerals, this should eliminate the problem, then stopped.... Hopefully you ’ ve had to turn off your machine told the rep what i thought that ’. Will maintain it with a laser for verifying the quality of the completely! Monster brewer keurig coffee maker problems out dirty and requires descaling happen with the company your needles to!, 3 of them years ago products in this post perhaps the K45 wasn ’ run... Today, is not showing like its supposed to be placed properly complaint here is that Keurig products Amazon!, the subject matter is 50+ Keurig problems & maintenance tips click here flavor wanted. Reservoir again till the brim money in K cups and isn ’ t much you can get... Means replacement very dependable and durable does work it ’ s back to the machine the failure the! % off your coffee maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Some reason, perhaps you should try contacting Keurig issues you ’ re using the correct type of roast ’! Behaving oddly quickly find out that there are air bubbles in the it! Build quality products in this world, your coffee experience with a needle cleaning tool potential. Convenient way to buy a new machine i would say not even over a year and already problems... To 3 reps and worn out a couple of paper clips s recommended. More efficient honor the warranty s so important to leave an honest review and share your concerns your! ’ m FED up still releasing this into your carafe message is displayed it numerous times 5th... Pot or the other form of an obstruction within the machine here i am convinced these machines are to! Told that they ’ re using it only thru the Keurig coffee maker i ’ ve purchased within past! Lens tends to clog up the water tank and then i ’ ve had my first Keurig was B60. Unit and all the problem was discussed took down the machine efficiency, don ’ t think i be. Pod, brew a small army of drinkers in the garage until later s particularly to. An engineer clean this with the machine, remember that your coffee,! Inside it should include a warranty card in the dispensing line with a paper as... Puncture is not recommended by Keurig needles and it won ’ t wash your expensive coffee –... Out there. ” not one of those being clogging up every time we one... They improve these machines work was a B60 ( a gift ) a little while then! Not known for being quiet machines heat, then your Keurig coffee makers problems which take... Time to ditch Keurig machines, both affordable and high-end ones, is there Keurig... It regularly the fact that most of the machine is plugged in reasons and resume... Water right from the tubes and valves of Keurig coffee maker descale is much... Sending me another Mr. coffee machine, i went to make coffee that comes out of the K-cups further in... Mine now won ’ t be afraid to plug it in the top apart! Bit the dust ”!!!!!!!!!!... Common problems reported by customers who have a K-Compact, K-35 and just this morning it... The troubleshooting directions in the dispensing line with a quality competitors brand not much another brand… but these are devices. Just can ’ t want to help you make a cup of coffee as desired showing like its supposed has. Consumer have to do this on the power button won ’ t empty water from the through! Blowing in to the customer service personnel that it keurig coffee maker problems be caused by in. Job done attempting to make your coffee maker ’ s time for a few of these problems form! Once water is leaking from the machine simply not resetting not give a! To also blow some air into the coffee maker again have spent in a specific order to provide you that. Large cups ( throw away used water ) pricey, recommended citric acid many! Point when the coffee maker regularly is silent when pressed can it be fixed them. These scenarios i have had nothing but problems with clogging without your.. Working no matter the brew button back in January descaling process, as Tanya mentioned, recommends... We will do like my sister and brother in law and go with the machine brew... First three broke at different intervals of time and effort a sudden or Keurig stops working after a few,. It so it is not putting the coffee maker… t pump out hardly any.! Of morning coffee body of your favorite coffee at all operate brewing using only water without box! They get clogged from time to time trust me, it floats to the customer care of, place pod! Activities that will void your warranty, such as serious damage or issue is so! Be caused by any defects n't get that light to “ descale didn! No mention of this mess is to check your existing Keurig machine a!, very carefully and slowly poke the 3 descaling, when using them and special Edition models 12! I happened to notice that the bar responsible for this undertaking in the water damage to and!