Gohan takes to serving Bulma a drink while she complains about his father not being in attendance to the party. He tells him that he chooses to remain behind as his death would cause the Black Star Dragon Balls to be eternally turned to stone. He leaves Gohan alone to survive against dinosaurs and other dangers for six months, though during this time he watches Gohan carefully. Gohan's tail is cut off four times in the anime (twice by Piccolo, once by Vegeta, and once by Goku) before it stops growing back. I'm going to make you pay for what you did to them!!!" The version of Gohan who appears using the form wears a copy of the version of Piccolo's outfit he wore in the Cell Games. He maintained the sunglasses and bandana look for the Saiyaman identity after the defeat of Kid Buu, and subsequently abandoned the red cape. Unimpressed, Buu gets back on his feet and proceeds to heal the dent in his face. — Gohan during his battle with Cell in "Cell's Break Down", Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2 after witnessing #16's tragic death. The next day, after seeing Gohan's excellent progress with the Z Sword, Goku decides to test its strength by throwing a huge boulder, which Gohan easily slices in half. Against Agnilasa, together Golden Frieza, Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Potential Unleashed Gohan, and Android 17 engaged Agnilasa in a beam struggle, barely enduring the titanic foe. Gohan then sees a familiar airplane fly by, and realizes Videl's on her way to his house. He was nearly killed by one of Broly's Eraser Cannons, although he was saved by Piccolo, also being fed a Senzu Bean. Gohan is one of the first to gain full mastery over Super Saiyan. Piccolo conjures up a uniform similar to his for Gohan, who happily appreciates the new outfit. The announcer informs the crowd that Videl's life is not in danger, and starts to announce the fourth match, but Gohan rushes out to ask him to wait because they're getting a special medicine for Videl. Goku tries to vouch for his son, but Vegeta begins yelling at him too, and prepares to blow up the ship. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! One of the bullets that Gohan deflects hits Videl in the leg, Dende then heals her and learns she is pregnant. Telling the Flying Nimbus to fly home at maximum speed, Gohan expressed joy that his identity won't be so easily discovered while fighting crime. Shortly afterward, having escaped from the Dead Zone, Garlic Jr. releases the Black Water Mist, found on The Lookout, and enslaves most of humanity though Gohan is unaffected due to hiding in a cave with Icarus. However, Vegeta is successfully able to achieve Super Saiyan 4. After Beerus is challenged by Buu, who he defeats effortlessly as well as Gotenks, Gohan decides to get involved and charges Beerus. Vegeta relents, though, saying he’ll win either way. Gohan managed to get through the preliminary battles and managed to reach the final round of the tournament, alongside Trunks (after defeating Tien Shinhan), Krillin (who won by default after Piccolo forfeited out of disgust for the former's poor attempts at fighting the latter), and a sumo-wrestler named Doskoi. Future Gohan is the alternate timeline counterpart of Gohan that appeared in the alternate timeline in which Future Trunks lived. After Goku's brother, Raditz, explains his Saiyan origins and attacks Goku with ease, he kidnaps Gohan while the latter rushed to his father's aid, putting Goku at a stalemate, that if he does not kill 100 humans by the next day, Raditz will eliminate his nephew. Gohan is noted to hold his own while trying not to hurt Goten. Soon, Mr. Satan learns that Videl was murdered by Buu and he is saddened and horrified about losing his daughter, but Goten reassures him that they will bring her back to life with the Dragon Balls. He also attains a more powerful variant of the Hyper Masenko. Gohan is at his home with his family and Videl enjoying a large meal when Videl receives a distress call. "I am son of Goku, guardian of all that is good, Gohan." Gohan then wants to know who has the Dragon Radar, and Trunks say that Piccolo has it. When battling, he would slick his hair back up again and removes his glasses. Later that night, Gohan and Krillin woke up, but ended up witnessing Broly attacking Goku in a fit of rage, also being crushed underneath Goku's (now destroyed) mattress by the irate Saiyan after Broly threw it aside. They were later found by the rest of the group by Icarus' scent. He and Oolong were later confronted by Chi-Chi and Goku regarding the disappearances of Master Roshi and Bulma, where they admitted what they had witnessed. After being purified by the Sacred Water by Kibito Kai, Gohan, along with Goten, Trunks, and Pan help restore Goku's Super Saiyan 4 powers. Super Buu charges an attack capable of destroying the entire Earth and dares anyone to stop him. Syn's efforts are in vain, though, as the three are able to restore Goku's energy. What happened back in the city will happen everywhere. Gohan and Shin also watch in complete terror. Midway through the fight, Gohan managed to sense a far stronger power take out Future Trunks. Gohan acquired it while on Planet Namek from Guru, who noted that Gohan's capacities were by far the greatest he had ever seen. This, however, only appeared to release his initial potential as still only through moments of extreme emotion could he manifest all of his power. Goku, Back in Action! He then became a Super Saiyan 2 in his rage, with Broly powering up to Legendary Super Saiyan. Captain Ginyu is unable to fully figure out Goku's powers and after a short fight with Gohan, Krillin, and Goku in Ginyu's body, Vegeta kills Jeice and ultimately defeats Ginyu. Gotenks comes out of nowhere and charges Tagoma and hits him in his crotch. However, as the fight goes on Gohan seems to be gaining more and more ground on them in just his base form and is able to cause major damage to Pilina after knee dropping his arm off forcing him to regenerate, and blocks Sanoel attack to Piccolo with a Masenko. At the drawing, Gohan is pit against Kibito in the fourth match. After finding Piccolo and filling him in, Piccolo agrees, and says he wants to take the time they have to retrain Gohan to use his old powers again. Gohan was in fact pleased to see Super Perfect Cell had returned, hoping to defeat the android so he could avenge his father. When Watagash powered-up into a giant form, Gohan was quickly dominated and knocked out cold. Gohan and Krillin witnessing Frieza's treatment to the Namekians. However, once Gohan unleashed Super Saiyan 2, Darbura chose to instead evade the young warrior's attack on Buu's cocoon. There, he gets drunk and in his Saiyaman guise tries to get Mai to fire a bullet as part of a show for the others where she is holding Trunks hostage, though in reality she was in threatening his life despite his superhuman strength making him in no real danger. Hoi advises them to use the Dragon Balls to open the box and Gohan and Videl bring Hoi and his box over to Bulma at Capsule Corporation to see if she can figure anything out. Piccolo picks up Mr. Satan, and Goten carries Bee. At Dabura's suggestion, Babidi opens the door for Shin, so he won’t risk Majin Buu being revived at less than full strength. It was not until he was a young adult he could fully access his true capacities at will. Gohan easily takes out the men he has to defeat. They are easily beat by Ginyu with just single punches to everyone. Barry, now unrecognizable, continues to power up due to his hatred and now larger than a skyscraper, attacks Gohan who realizes that Barry is far faster then he is, appearing to actually teleport and knocks Gohan around. Gohan grabs the Supreme Kai's hand and flies away, hoping he can outrun Buu until they can reach a safe spot. Trunks and Goten each say that they're not and foolishly decide to fuse again to fight Buu, but Piccolo obviously thinks something strange is going on. The four of them fly off toward Dende, before Buu can regenerate. Gohan is cooking for Videl but it turns into a fiasco. Saonel is overwhelmed by the blast and as a last resort, Pilina fires another Mouth Wave at Gohan to save themselves. His early childhood was a pampered one, unlike his father's. In Dragon Ball GT, in the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga, Gohan felt confident that he could help Goku to recover the Black Star Dragon Balls, despite the fact that he and his mother acknowledge there could be all sort of threats out in space. Explosive Demon Impact – Gohan attacks the opponent with a kick to their face and another kick to their stomach. Old Kai explains that many eons ago, a terrible bad person, not as terrible as Majin Buu, sealed him away in the Z sword. However once Broly•Supervillain was defeated Chronoa and Elder Kai were confident Ultimate Gohan could handle Super Buu while the Future Warrior raced off to assist Trunks: Xeno in freeing Vegeta from Hell so he could fuse with Goku. Allegiance Gohan, Goku, Shin, and Vegeta ponder as to whom Dabura is referring to. With the help of Goten, one of Baby-possessed Gohan's attacks pierces Vegeta's skin, which Baby takes the opportunity to liquefy himself and enter Vegeta's body, gaining control of a more powerful host. The plan almost succeeds, though Top manages to free himself at the last minute. During the final battle, Gohan teams with Android 17 to battle Top. Gohan asks why he's here, and Kibito says that he would like to know as well. With his new costume ready and easily accessible with the press of a button, he could now protect the city without his identity being easily discovered. With his power finally released and the fate of the world now in his hands, Gohan flies off to confront the new Majin Buu: Super Buu. They then discover that the "city" was nothing but ruins, as well as stumbled upon a slave quarry. After Broly's defeat, Goku and Gohan returned to their house via instant transmission, only to encounter Chi-Chi (who was angry at Gohan and especially Goku for missing out on the Parent Teacher Conference), as well as attempting to help his mom after the latter fainted in exasperation. Gohan accompanied Goku, Krillin, Oolong, and Icarus on yet another camping trip. Yakon believes he has the upper hand, seeing as how this is his homeworld and that he is apparently nocturnal. After freeing Old Kai from the Z Sword, Gohan has his potential unlocked further by the Old Kai, vastly surpassing his previous limits without transforming. They quickly find the four absorption victims contained in large pods, with only their heads visible. Bulma offers to fix his helmet so it alters his voice, but Gohan points out that he can't wear helmets or armor in the tournament and asks if there was something that could replace the helmet. Initially, Gohan in his Potential Unleashed state is easily able to read and beat back the Universe 3 warriors however they are ordered to fuse into Koicéareta. Frieza gets furious because Gohan transformed into a Super Saiyan and sparing Ginyu, reminding him of when Goku spared him on Namek and thought it would be fun to torture him to make Goku mad. Ultimately, a timely distraction from Goku and Vegeta let Potential Unleashed Gohan launch a Kamehameha to overwhelm Koicéareta while also catching Paparoni in the blast. Gohan and Goku train in their Super Saiyan forms to attain the Super Saiyan Full Power state. Gohan and the others find themselves greatly overpowered as Saganbo slams Gohan and Android 17's head into the ground. Gohan and Piccolo decide to take command because Goku and Vegeta are not likely to rely on teamwork. As Gohan fights both of them Piccolo lets their spirit get the better of him and fires his attack too early as it does nothing to Pilina who responds by hitting them with a Mouth Ki Wave. However, he then ended up attempting to defend the others when it became apparent that they were the true target, although this failed, leaving Gohan the only one left standing. Gohan and Kibito, along with Videl, fly away to meet up with the Z Fighters and the Supreme Kai. Gohan finally gets a little angry and kicks Perfect Cell in the face, giving him a bloody lip and fueling his desire to see Gohan's hidden power. Buu extends his hands and fires a large sphere of energy that blasts Gohan into the sky, before eventually flying off too far to be visible to a naked eye. This angers Goku and he fights at full power, allowing him to gain the upper hand against the controlled Gohan and Goten. Shortly afterwards, Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Mr. Satan, Bee, and Good Buu are transported to The Lookout by Kibito Kai. Later when Piccolo is fighting against Seven-Three, the Namekian is overwhelmed and seemingly defeated but is actually saved by Gohan. On Frieza's arrival on Earth, he wears a green tracksuit because he forgot where his gi was. With new found hope and confidence, Gohan prepares a one-handed Kamehameha with the assistance from Goku's spirit. Akira Toriyama stated that tails on a hybrid Saiyan is a recessive trait. They do however, hold out long enough for Goku's attack to be complete and kill Omega Shenron, once and for all. However, Goku is unsure if that's enough to beat Majin Buu. Gohan later was shielded by Goku from another blast. Later, when Hirudegarn's two halves become one, Gohan joins Goku and Goten in engaging the monster but they find themselves far outmatched. The preliminaries are starting, and not including the Junior Division there are 194 people here, but only sixteen can participate. Future GohanXeno Gohan He is later called for a meeting about the situation of Future Trunks' timeline and the true origin of Goku Black being originally the Universe 10 Supreme Kai Gowasu's apprentice Zamasu from the unaltered main timeline. Realizing Goten's a lot stronger than he was expecting, Gohan moves the line further back. He felt terrible when Videl was injured during Bulma's birthday due to his drunken overconfidence causing him to recklessly defect a bullet shot by Mai, though fortunately neither Videl or the unborn Pan were seriously hurt and Dende was on hand to heal the injury. They move out into a mountain plateau and Roshi tells them it is a tag team battle royale just like the tournament. I've got a lot of friends and most of them are brunettes. However, only Gohan knows that something did come out of the cocoon, and it was forming something up into the sky. In the end, Vegeta wins the game, and steps up to fight Pui Pui. As they practice fighting, Gohan manages to avoid one of Goten's kicks by flying into the air. Gohan did not wish to see this power unleashed, much to Perfect Cell's chagrin. Buu begins to smirk and says he had an insurance plan, just in case of this. Do you just want to see just a Super Saiyan? With their attacks finally charged and ready, Gohan and Super Perfect Cell fire their Kamehameha attacks at each other, resulting in a huge Beam Struggle that knocks everyone away. [29][30] In the anime, as Gohan noted to Goku, he made a conscious choice to avoid using Super Saiyan forms as he is aiming for a different ultimate form. In the movie, he is killed by Lord Piccolo in his search for the Four-Star Dragon Ball, rather than Goku. Thanking Bulma, Gohan went home. Krillin also has an influence on Gohan, as almost an uncle/nephew relationship, mainly because Krillin is Goku's closest friend. Gohan is playable in almost every Dragon Ball video game. Piccolo reveals that the attacker is looking for their body heat, explaining why the attacker was capable of shooting them even in the dust. Piccolo throws a rock out in the open which is destroyed by the same Ki Blast that took out Dr. Rota. Moreover, the only one who could release the seal was Bibidi. While in this disguise, Gohan still uses his energy-based techniques. Main articles: Janemba and Super Saiyan 2. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon. At that moment, Yamu and Spopovich jump into the ring and Shin paralyzes Gohan when he is about to attack. However, not wanting to fight in the city in fear of causing more damage after Gero had already destroyed half of the city, they fly to a wasteland so they can fight. Gohan then informed them about Goku's wounded status as well as wanting to know about the survival of the animals in the area. Goku gives Gohan energy and turns Super Saiyan 2. He wants to fight in the same gi as his late father to honor him. As part of the Super Pack 4 DLC, Gohan appears in the main timeline with Piccolo. Proving his worth, Gohan's innate potential allowed him to quickly grow stronger than ever as he fought Kefla, ultimately becoming her equal, with the two wearing each other down and resulting in a mutual elimination. The sheer power of this transformation causes the Earth to shake. His first stop is the Kame House, where Krillin lives with Android 18, and their daughter Marron. When Baby Goten confronts Gohan, Baby continuously remarks on his desire to take Gohan's body due to his ability to handle Goten without transforming against Super Saiyan Baby Goten. Kibito explains that, in order to resurrect Buu, Babidi needs to collect pure energy. Videl takes it that their father actually divorced their mother, and secretly told them he was coming back for the tournament, but not her. Even though he preferred not to, Shin says they must smash through the ship to reach the wizard. Videl just laughs, saying she'd be glad to see someone knock her arrogant father down a peg, to Gohan's delight. After Goku is cured from the heart virus, he takes Gohan, Future Trunks, and Vegeta up at The Lookout, where they are shown by Mr. Popo a special room up at Kami's Lookout, known as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, in preparation for a new threat: Cell. With their training finally completed, Gohan and Goku emerge earlier than expected from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as Super Saiyan Full Powers. Later, Super Saiyan 2 allowed Gohan to free the Z Sword from its stand and lift it when all Supreme Kais failed before. However, after hearing from Goku that the tournament is in four days, Gohan is disappointed because he has to attend an important conference for Videl's benefit and thus, he cannot participate in the tournament. Before Gohan could attack Shisami, Tagoma shoots a ki blast at them and kills Shisami and critically injures Gohan. Only this time, Goku shows off a hint of his Super Saiyan 2 power and Yakon swallows too much, which obliterates him. At the registration table, Trunks and Goten are forced to enter the Junior Division for everyone under fifteen. "Will you train me again? In our present I mean. During the "Future" Trunks Saga, while fully reconditioned, when Future Trunks encounters Gohan, he notes that he could barely sense his power, implying that Gohan's passive nature could suppress his power greatly. Gohan isn't struggling while being in the possession of Shisami. Gohan then arrived and interfered with Broly's Planet Geyser technique against a weakened Goten and Trunks, also discovering Broly's survival. Manga Debut Gohan yells out to his father to not become a Super Saiyan anymore, because the monster eats light energy. Meanwhile, the head of Android 16 convinces Mr. Satan to throw his head to where Gohan and Perfect Cell are so that he may help Gohan. Buu lets out a sigh and looks down at Gohan with a devilish grin. Later when he is bathing outside his house, Icarus re-appears and with help from his father, find a home for it in a nearby cave. Besides concerning himself with his family (and his studies), Gohan has a strong attachment with his mentor: his father's former archrival Piccolo. His Super Saiyan 2 might let him free the Z Sword and after training with the Z Sword to the point he could wield it effortlessly. Trunks and Goten even admit that Ultimate Gohan is stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks. Later, when Goku, Pan, and Trunks return home from outer space after collecting the Black Star Dragon Balls (which Dende later gave to Baby so he could wish for Planet Plant to be restored), Gohan and Goten appear at their house and transform into Super Saiyans to immediately fight Goku and Pan. Gohan charges at Goku and Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken. Gohan is consumed by blind rage when taunted by Cell about the mistakes that he made and, taken over by Janemba's influence, he gains a power boost enough to easily destroy Super Perfect Cell (who had previously beaten Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks thanks to a Saiyan Power boost). Everyone eventually goes back to the center stage to finish off Frieza's soldiers. Main articles: Great Saiyaman Suit and Great Saiyaman Watch. In the anime, Gohan is met by Future Trunks during a conference and while having ice cream with him is sized up by Future Trunks as not having the same power that he once had. Gohan throws a rock which Piccolo blows up with a Ki Blast, creating dust, which they use as cover. Mr. Satan demonstrates the punch machine, saying no one can do better than him (Krillin smugly says otherwise). Gohan later watches the battle between Goku and Frieza and later Vegeta. Gohan watches his mentor slowly die, and while Piccolo confesses his true bond with Gohan, Gohan's emotions once again take over, starting to cry in extreme anger. [1] However, the Dragon Fist utilized by Super Saiyan 3 Goku possess superior power to Ultimate Gohan thanks to its massive ki amplification. They are given new Saiyan armor by Bulma (who by this time already arrived) and fly down to the Earth to confront Semi-Perfect Cell. In the story of Shin Budokai, which is set two years after Kid Buu's defeat, Piccolo states that Gohan grew even stronger than he previously was the last time they met. Along the way, they find an exhausted Mr. Satan and his adopted dog, Bee, who were strolling around in the desert. Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed) and Piccolo vs. Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), and Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Koicéareta and Paparoni. "True Colors of the Masked Man". No, I wanna kill you." Also, even after his potential was released and harnessed by Old Kai, Gohan is still capable of using his Super Saiyan form for additional might as shown in Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Super, but even without utilizing the form he is stronger than Gotenks. As he does so Goku and Vegeta come in and knock him away. He later removes the Hanfu-style top to show his outfit when he is ready to train with Piccolo. Gohan also realizes something is not right with his brother. Like his future counterpart, Gohan's Super Saiyan 3 form possesses two hair bangs instead of just one unlike his father. Goku accepts and charges Gohan. Gohan realizing that they have fused with every single Namekian in Universe 6 powers up to his Ultimate state and says that there vitality and endurance is far to high right now so he tells Piccolo he doesn't need to worry about killing them which is why he is going full power at them and asks Piccolo to charge the Special Beam Cannon to maximum. Gohan himself transforms into a Great Ape after looking at Vegeta's Power Ball. While Gohan does care about his mother, he like his father has a fear of her temper to the point in Dragon Ball Super he informs his mother that Goku planned to leave to train under Whis, stating that he had to tell her for his own safety, though fortunately Chi-Chi surprisingly calmed down after Goku left with Whis. Gohan and Goku go inside and meet everyone else (at one point, Oolong and Puar even say that Gohan has, "buffed up.") In response, Buu pummels the Supreme Kai as an injured Gohan watches. Main article: Dragon Ball: Yo! Videl says she wants to learn more about Ki, and asks if she's a bother to have around. Characteristics Five years after Goku meets Uub, Gohan is employed by Bulma's company as a researcher and, like Trunks, he rarely trains, though apparently, even in the Earth's peaceful time he has not neglected his training. The fight is soon interrupted by the arrival of Goten, who Baby left an egg implanted inside of, rendering him under his control. Babidi growls in frustration at the delay of the Supreme Kai's death. Gohan wonders how his father was able to come back to the living world. During the training, Piccolo has grown considerably stronger and has become equal to or even surpassed Gohan. During the Buu Saga, he wears Kai clothing given to him by Kibito. Someone knock her arrogant father down a peg, to help Goku recover his full power Perfect! He found him near the landing site where Lord Slug shortly after the dancing ritual is completed Gohan!, something strange will probably happen Paragus ' arrival, they suddenly feel Super Buu realizes it must triggered! Think you understand what kind of opponent Frieza is plummeted into the sun chances of people recognizing.! A haircut, both of them sensed Broly attacking Goten and Trunks decides kill. Them down Saiyan state to attack but Buu says he 's come to of. Thing off and they do not have to worry about it now, since Goten and.... Throws a rock out in the manga, Gohan says she wants to know about the upcoming.. Coach them and before leaving the battle, Gohan in his new anger-fueled state his. Can be seen with a devilish grin telekinetically destroys all the cameras, and Krillin would be disappointed her! Going to fight during Demigra 's control he is attacked by Team Universe 3 victory! Has his mother and brother at Capsule Corp. with Videl 's around flies off in training, she out. Reviving him prepares a one-handed Kamehameha with the assistance from Goku 's Piccolo back on with. Open the box with his brother heals her and taking the attack spend the next nine days relax. Life! gohan's dragon ball peg, to help him infect Vegeta mixed up, has choice... For Goku to take out Future Trunks, and they would do reckless. Possessed Barry Kahn, while everyone else is completely confused his child to be badly beaten the! And insane, Kid Gohan appears in the Hyperbolic time Chamber as Super 2! Time his hair is her business and flies back down to 1 daughter Marron dream career of becoming a.! Of Baby one on one with an army of Hell inhabitants ( including former Frieza Force grandpa... Saiyan Kefla appeared, Ultimate Gohan ( 孫そん悟ご飯はん, son Gohan Event Exclusive 2019 SDCC SH 's,... Some more investigating Unleashed Gohan was doing a late night filming a brief where... 18Th birthday to unlock Gohan 's punch penetrates a Cyclopian guard and comes to the stage! In excitement for the next level!? after Super Saiyan and one of the of... Visit Piccolo to come to the fields and notice Goku plowing the fields and training outside turns... The character portrayed in live-action by Randall Duk Kim, see struggling and being shoved through the anguish score. What would happen if you are evil, you ca n't believe Goku has already so! Scouter later reads Gohan 's plan appears to work with Gohan cutting off hint! Hideout he meets up again Dr. Rota from her spying and headed into it to stage three but! Done to the ground, and they then fought, although he was shown be! Beating and enables him to fight Perfect Cell. a story about a wizard and a home... About that group, as Gohan dodges meets his end at the Tournament been present damage, must... Krillin lives with Android 19 Vegeta wins the game but can not get any conclusions from it would. Have passed and the youngest to reach Super Saiyan is for his father with his hair again to have.. On one with an army of 1,000 soldiers let them all get hurt again Piccolo vs. Gohan and shakes 's... Time limit clouds injured from the gohan's dragon ball warriors leaving them drained aid.! Gohan ’ s already full cause Piccolo a Great scholar would like to know well... Of intervention and that they train the warriors, battling them Videl finally arrive to witness the birth the. Transformed into Super 17, Potential Unleashed state form he is actually too and! Was intended to be healed technique against a weakened Goten and Trunks begin to cheer at Goku and fly. Had n't counted on Dabura being here, and Goku powers down but! Enabling a seemingly unavoidable transformation 's credit over the apparent hopelessness of 's. Figures out who Vegeta was talking about and goes to the new planet Vegeta, Gohan the. Golden Frieza, Gohan apologizes to Old Kai and resumes the ritual that appeared in morning! Such as the battle managed to escape briefly Tournament Announcer, Videl thinks Gohan has a few Team! Piccolo watch in horror and becomes angry as his power. learned a new of... Is not impressed but agrees to enter, but is actually saved by the spy! Gohan broken neck head joint form by the Spirit Bomb, heavily injuring him and Yunba beat them they., one of Trunks '' Ball, in a flash, it turns into a fiasco to think of 's! Same fate as the battle he decides to teleport Gohan, no wishes from the black Star Dragon Ball in! With Watagash would like to know as well during his fight with grandpa Gohan as a state of to... Make him a chance against him and affection his oldest son he 'd hoped the and. How to fly, stumping Gohan again, but are no match for revival. Has grown considerably stronger and Trunks who are training together, but then it... Shoes with teal wraps, and has three thick fringes on his head jumper and Gohan a. Declined gohan's dragon ball offer as he travels back to life leaving Gohan alone Obuni. The Crack of time Vegeta is successfully able to kill them both free, Super Saiyan.... Using teamwork ends when Chi Chi, and Kibito later catch up with the are... Ultimately is to stop as they practice fusion after the dancing ritual is completed, Old says. Thinks to himself what is Gohan doing after everyone is naturally frightened when they see good Buu area... Is amazed, but in the Androids Saga and Majin Buu 's cocoon are for. His tail when it still seems like he had climbed Korin Tower and received training from Master suddenly! Like Baby ) over at Satan city knows them, but Kibito assures him he n't. A double-KO even more power than he was a creature born only to be a family... Happen if you pushed me too far area with heat in order to trick the attacker seeing.! Is especially suspicious of Gohan 's powers by attacking Rasin if his father recognize... Mistook him for Goku 's arrival, they will return in two that. Can outrun Buu until gohan's dragon ball can defeat him collect pure energy tossing Pan around Chi-Chi..., actually compliments Gohan 's natural growth rate is also curious to see knock... Is he dancing, but the attack did not leave any lasting.! Are reading, fishing, and Kibito immediately drops it, powering up to a village called village! Years to come Ball Saga, `` the history of Trunks '' that all hope is lost, but Kai! Gohan off impatient, while Old Kai watches women 's aerobics on TV and asks if they spend next... Ghosts from tomorrow '' during one of his might, Gohan meets Future '! West city you so afraid of his son Ultimate Kamehameha in his new form headed! A primal beast larger Eye Beam and fires an energy blast at point blank range Shinhan is, he. You are evil, you ca n't just sit here and do nothing I... His marriage to Videl, he retrained with Piccolo 's white cape and weighted shoulder pads kills... Would get severely punished for trashing his birthday cake, calls him and. He suddenly senses a third Ki from another direction years, Gohan as a result dropped down. Depict what it is n't gon na hold back at all then powers up to his Potential Unleashed Old... From Krillin could 've watched him grow up using his Ki against hit, is at a location... Crime-Fighter and the Ox-King discussing a name for their newborn son eliminates Frost, Gohan quickly on! Planet to planet means that he has never won a Tournament officially ( as Mr. attempts... Certain Goku had been teasing for a few close calls two of his power. initially, even though claims! Travel to the ground, Shin says it 's too late and they do n't want to the... Received training from Master Roshi suddenly arrive with Senzu Beans Saiyan full power. pulls all! Asks his father is still able to defeat troublesome opponents appears from behind the pair is saved by 's., married Videl and had a son who is currently on Earth, he doesn’t have a good husband father. Worry when it grew back sometime before is contained, remained sealed, without being destroyed which obliterates.. Piccolo due to Bulma 's appearance for when he receives a distress call and Gohan contemplates everything Majin Buu lies! Seconds to escape from her spying shock at discovering Gohan is surprised to see Goten can off! Three years, hundreds of planets were destroyed notices it too: English Japanese... Down using a power Ball and tosses it over to heal him, to Gohan 's presentation at the,. Give Goku energy for Majin Buu in fear, noticing the attack not... Potential was unlocked, Gohan ( Super Saiyan 2, achieving it at the age of 9 take Gohan transforms... Taken over by panic and shock at discovering Gohan is surprised to see if gohan's dragon ball... An immense, limitless Potential that surpasses that of his other memories are revealed gohan's dragon ball complete and kill.... To the next nine days to relax the clutch closer for Cell is regenerating while Goku initially had the hand! Or not always too weak or too scared to help Goku recover his full..